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The new tax law which was enacted the beginning of 2018 affected the way many taxpayers file their taxes.  In some cases, the amount of federal tax that employers withheld was reduced.  In addition, the increased standard deduction has meant that fewer people are itemizing on their tax returns.  In light of these changes, it is important to know whether you and your household are withholding the correct amount of federal income taxes.

To help you with this, the IRS launched in August a new Tax Withholding Estimator which can be found on their website:

Before starting, ensure that you have the following documents available:

Most recent pay stubs

2018 tax return

The online estimator takes you through a series of questions which prompts you to enter 2019 information about your expected income, taxes withheld, 401(K), HSA, and IRA contributions as well as any other relevant data.  It then automatically calculates your estimated withholding for 2019.  You can then use that information to adjust your withholding before year end.

It is important to note that the estimator does not require you to enter any personal information such as name or Social Security number, and it does not store the data.

Of course, we are also here to help you with any end-of- the-year tax planning.  For assistance, please email or call (919) 782-9689.  We will also be holding a tax planning seminar in December as noted on the "Events" page on our website.

Tax Withholding Infographic

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