About Us

We design and implement strategies to create, grow and conserve wealth, while delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service and expertise.

Our Process

As a firm, our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. We listen to you and develop a concrete course of action. Together, we work with you to implement those recommendations and monitor the progress.

Our Philosophy

We believe investment strategy must be based on your unique goals. In the course of achieving reasonable income or growth, your risk tolerance, financial circumstances, and time horizon must also be taken into consideration.

Who We Are

An epic is a grand and heroic story often involving a long journey.
Transforming your life story into an epic is our mission.



Our Team

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James Tarkenton - web version
Senior Portfolio Manager

James Tarkenton is the Senior Portfolio Manager for Townsend Asset Management Corp.

James has been evaluating...

Senior Financial Advisor

Caleb Griffith is a Senior Financial Advisor and Tax Planner with Townsend Asset Management Corp and has been with the...

Tax Advisor

Josie Jiang is a Tax Advisor for Townsend Asset Management Corp.

Josie is a Certified Public Accountant and a member...

Bonnie Mole
Client Service and Communications Manager

Bonnie Mole is Client Service and Communications Manager at Townsend Asset Management Corp. 

Having returned from...

Arne Morris
Wealth Advisor

Arne Morris is a Wealth Advisor at Townsend Asset Management Corp.

Arne, a Certified Public Accountant and Personal...

Business Manager and Office Administrator

Katrina L. Townsend has served as the firm's Business Manager and Office Administrator since its inception.


Our Services


Wealth Management

Wealth Management is our most comprehensive service, through which we provide guidance and assistance to our clients and their families in personal financial matters.

Financial Planning

With the understanding that each client's situation is unique, Financial Planning provides in-depth analysis, guidance, and recommendations in areas such as: Family goals and life issues Investment analysis and asset allocation decisions Education cost funding Tax reduction strategies and cash flow...

Tax Planning & Preparation

Our staff of professionals is experienced in preparing tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates and businesses. In addition, we provide tax planning and tax reduction strategies in areas such as: Capital gains and losses Stock option exercise planning Alternative minimum tax Retirement income...

Latest Publications

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