At Townsend Asset Management Corp., our clients benefit from the following services:

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is our most comprehensive service which encompasses managing investments, creating financial and retirement plans, as well as planning and preparing tax returns.  We are committed to developing wealth management strategies for our clients that secure their futures and protect generational wealth.

As a Registered Financial Advisory (RIA) firm, we pride ourselves on our strong personal interaction with our clients and ensure that we understand your goals and your situation. We consider the impact of family lifestyle decisions, personal goals and both financial and non-financial issues on the creation, preservation, and eventual distribution of our clients' assets. We meet with our Wealth Management clients, as needed, throughout the year to ensure that their financial goals are met.

Investment Management

Investment Management provides ongoing, active management of our client's investment portfolio. We utilize individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities when structuring portfolios. We discuss our financial and investment philosophy while developing a unique Investment Policy Statement for each client, which addresses goals, risk tolerance, income needs, growth objective, time horizon and other personal considerations. The client's portfolio is managed within the overall guidelines of this Investment Policy Statement. We provide our clients quarterly performance reports and schedule periodic personal meetings.

Portfolios can be designed to provide for conservation of principal, income, moderate growth, or more aggressive growth, depending on a client's circumstances and objectives.

Financial Planning

With the understanding that each client's situation is unique, Financial Planning provides in-depth analysis, guidance, and recommendations in areas such as:

  • Family goals and life issues
  • Investment analysis and asset allocation decisions
  • Education cost funding
  • Tax reduction strategies and cash flow management
  • Risk management and insurance needs determination
  • Retirement funding and distribution
  • Estate conservation and distribution planning
  • Planning for business interests

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our staff of professionals is experienced in preparing tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates and businesses.  In addition, we provide tax planning and tax reduction strategies in areas such as:

  • Capital gains and losses
  • Stock option exercise planning
  • Alternative minimum tax
  • Retirement income distributions
  • Installment sales and property exchanges


Consulting is a service that we offer on a broad range of financial issues including tax, retirement planning, estate planning, investments and managing assets at multiple places. 

Contact Us to discuss your financial goals and plan for the future.