Schwab's New IRA Checkwriting Feature - An easy way to make charitable contributions from your IRA.

An element of the new tax law that went into effect the beginning of 2018 is the increase of standard deductions for both single and joint filers.  Although this can be positive for taxpayers, this may also greatly reduce the itemized deductions that many previously have been taking, including those for charitable contributions.

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Which Account to Spend First?

Many people saving for retirement end up with a variety of savings or investment accounts:  regular personal (non-retirement) accounts; employer pre-tax retirement accounts [such as 401(k)s]; employer post-tax retirement accounts [such as a Roth 401(k)]; traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs); and Roth IRAs.

When it comes time to begin withdrawing from these plans, how do you decide which account to take money from?


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